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The Best Lawn Game Is Mlkky: 2018

When more than one pin falls, your score is the number of fallen pins, but if you just hit one pin, you earn the number on the pin. So to earn five points, either you knock down five pins in one toss, or you take out the one pin with the number five etched on top. The scoring itself is blackjack-like in its strictness. The first player to get to 50 points wins, and it has to be exactly 50 points. If you accidentally score more, by knocking down one too many pins or taking out one with a higher point value than you need, then you drop back down to 25. And like billiards, you start the next player’s turn where the last one ended, by standing the numbered pins upright, exactly where they landed. That means every round has a different layout of pins each time you throw. Despite all these nuances, the game goes by pretty quickly — each round takes only about 15 minutes — and the learning curve isn’t too steep for first-time players. However, it’s still slow-paced enough to drink a beer and chat with your friend while you play, which is really the main reason to play any lawn game, whether or not it’s cool in France.

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